Avid PC gamer for 20+ years, Used to build and sell PC's in the 90's really been out of the scene though and trying to get back into it. Looking to build a PC that will play games 1920 x 1080 Ultra 60fps + plan on going AMD CPU and GPU. Mostly play WOW atm but that is because my system can't handle the games I want to play on it CoD etc. Do some work on it as well but a gaming PC would be massive overkill for work purposes.

EDIT: Well goals have changed, went intel cpu and amd gpu. Now I after 8+ years of AMD GPU's I am giving NVIDIA a try in a big way, ordered my first Titan X and waiting to order my 2nd for SLI. Purchased an ACER XB280HK 4k G-Sync monitor of course take advantage of all that. Funny how my preferences have changed but I feel like preference can evolve with the industry and what is bleeding edge I suppose.