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Software > Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware / Security Use A Raspberry Pi 3b+ on computer to make a Rogue Access Point? 5 281 7 months ago by Dracomaster9
Hardware > Audio Probably been asked before, but can someone link a >$50 boom arm for the Blueair Snowball iCE? 2 50 8 months ago by Dracomaster9
Hardware > Modding / DIY Can i switch shrouds on a 1060? 0 102 10 months ago by Dracomaster9
Systems > Troubleshooting Windows 10 wont open system apps, "Windows cannot find C:/Windows/System32/[insert app name]" and its happening with more apps every minute 2 45 11 months ago by thunder-93
Systems > Troubleshooting Xbox one pdp wired controller making my party hear my game and not my voice 3 31 11 months ago by Rin_Itoh
Hardware > Modding / DIY Coolermaster Masterbox Lite 5 top ventilation case mod? 2 546 12 months ago by tragiktimes101
General > Off Topic How can I (legitimately) earn money for my remaining pc parts at 15? 21 215 13 months ago by EagleByte
Systems > Laptops Can i shove an SSD in my laptop? 6 224 14 months ago by Shakaron
General > General Discussion Trying to find a store in the Gaston County/Charlotte County ((NC)) area which sells computer parts? 3 69 14 months ago by Jeff_M
Hardware > Video Cards How does mining affect the life of a GPU and would it still be worth buying for gaming after it is done mining? 3 177 15 months ago by Gilroar
Software > Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware / Security Trying to Ease a Paranoid Stepfather about Cybersecurity, 23 382 15 months ago by Allan_M_Systems
Hardware > Video Cards Where did all the RX 580s Go? 4 103 15 months ago by Dracomaster9
Hardware > Video Cards Is a 1070 (from MSI) sufficient for 1080p 60fps ultra settings or do i need to upgrade 2 124 15 months ago by Dracomaster9
Hardware > Storage Howto use an SSD and HDD, but have the HDD only backup occasionally???? 2 91 15 months ago by Dracomaster9
Hardware > Networking Long Range Wired Cat5e Connection or Short Range Wireless Connection off Secondary Router? 6 150 16 months ago by Dracomaster9
General > Off Topic Trying to escape the tyranny of a monopolizing ISP, thoughts? 20 186 16 months ago by PCPPAccountant
Systems > Part List Opinions Wanted Storage configurations ideas? 2 47 16 months ago by Dracomaster9