Well Hello there! I see you have stumbled upon my profile!

Now that you're here you probably want to know more about me

I have taken the liberty to divide this page up into sections so that when you get bored to death (it's inevitable), you can just skip to the next section and continue to bore yourself!


About Me:

I am electroman01. I have had this name for 5 years and came up with it myself (I was so proud!) I am a complete computer geek and enjoy exploiting ways to get the most out of my houses internet. I am currently in the progress of doing a number of things:

  • The first is switching my dual laptop streaming rig to a complete desktop setup. You can see the prototype part lists under my "Saved Part Lists" tab

  • The second is building a server based rendering machine out of a dual CPU motherboard and a lot of duck tape. This has been a project for a while but due to RAM problems and mounting problems (The motherboard is sized EEATX (Extended Enhanced Advanced Technology eXtended)) I have been unable to successfully boot it

Along side Computers in general, I am also a dedicated gamer. I'm not one for the latest titles but you can find me playing Team Fortress 2, Robocraft, Ravenfield 2, Minecraft and Terraria.

Oh I forgot: My avatar is a tank from the online game


I really hate nVidia right now because i got the Titan X confused with the Titan XP / Titan Xp


This is to be continued as soon as i get around to it... (this may take a while)

If you want to know more about me or just want to chat, feel free to message me and I'll answer within about 24 hours!