I'm a graphic designer/computer artist (Mac OS & Windows) who also enjoys traditional forms of fine art including drawing, painting, illustration and sculpture. I'm also into 3D modeling and am now getting into 3D printing as well so I may one day print out all my 3D creations. Casual gamer here (PC, consoles, handhelds). My favorite gaming genres are MMORPGs, FPS and Racing.

As far as PC building, I get inspired from some of the amazing PC builds done by others on this site. Here's a list of my personal favorites:

Corsair Whiteout by cyranosaurus - an excellent all-white themed mid-tower build

CyberWare by TechFox - totally awesome '80's Synthwave theme

Silver Minion by wahfue - small, compact, minimalistic & watercooled.

Skyline by daniel.petrykin - RGB overload!

HoneyBeeTuf by daltonsollars - yellow & black theme

First mATX Build by K1LO89 - blue & green theme. Nice desk set-up too!

REACH by dcrddck - classy black & white themed build

Quiet White by Compromise - simple black & white theme (nice pictures too)

Greenhorn Dragon by mithiral67 - an overkill watercooled PC with nice cable management

Waifu 2.0 by burritoqueen - an upgrade to the original builder's first PC

Leche Naranja by LiquidArrogance - orange & white theme. Name means "Orange Milk".

ThinThread by Spectracide - I like this guy's entire PC set-up

Compact Intel Game PC by AlanMM - small form factor PC built in a Lazer3D LZ7 case

The Shoebox Build by TheGameBench - the "shoebox" is a Loque Ghost S1 MkII case

Aorus Master Build by jfisher256 - Intel i7, RTX 2080, Gigabyte Aorus/CoolerMaster build

Project N.E.R.G.B. by saracatlee - it means "Not Enough RGB!"

Project ICESTORM by saracatlee - a white-themed Primochill watercooled open faced PC.

The Classic by ryanmission - a 1953 Philco Bakelite Radio to HTPC Conversion.

Bucket List 2.0 by managerman - Corvette Tribute Build (carbon fiber tubes and BP fittings)

White Out Snowblind by Sovereignty - built in an iBuyPower Snowblind Case

NZXT H500 Snowblind by Chizzango - a DIY Snowblind modded NZXT PC!!

The Gaming Drone by Ireland914 - Star Trek/Borg inspired theme.

Project Sith Lord by slave2theaxe - Star Wars/Red & Black Sith theme

Walnut Wall-E by SumtinWong88 - Custom Wood ITX PC

On the Wall by jase33 - wall-mounted ThermalTake case PC

RGB Craze by Swagmessiah - another RGB overload!

Dark Energy by Silvermike - Custom Parvum Watercooled ITX PC

Teal and White by jeffreymays44 - obviously teal & white theme

Vaporwave Lucy by ManlyEgg - watercooled PC in ThermalTake Core P5 Mid-tower case

RGB Iron Man by builder-wu - Iron Man themed Watercooled PC

Royal Crystal by Makirole - a build for G.Skill's 2019 Computex Booth

Dirt Rally 2.0 by Mnpctech - tribute build for Codemasters Dirt Rally game

Aetos by Makirole - a 3D Printed/CNC Machined ITX LAN PC

Bit-Tech 1000D Mega Build by Makirole - client build for showcasing Corsair's 1000D case

Rigid Success by gearshift_ - a rigid tube watercooled PC

Sunset Overdrive by polyfruitism - another RGB synthwave themed PC

LimeLight by HIGHimERRL - a white & lime green themed watercooled PC

Sunmilo T03 by vizicore - very nice minimalistic silver/aluminum SFF PC

A E S T H E T I C by da_drake - another RGB themed compact water cooled ITX build

The Adjudicator by Cavi - minimalistic black & white, Non-RGB, air-cooled ITX PC

HT Box 2.0 by neo239 - home theater/gaming PC built in a laser cut acrylic case

The Rabbit Hole by TLHotshot - RGB and custom watercooled mid-tower PC

Liquid Steel by Dutch_PCbuilds - "outside-the-box" concept Mini-ITX watercooled PC

Altered Carbon V.2 by spawn01 - Custom ITX build with carbon fiber panels

Model M by Samjanss0n - Super clean and neat PC, PC desk and set up!

B L A C K T O W E R by Jinair - Open style case Mini-ITX PC

(...more to come)