It's hard for me to talk about which I prefer more these days; building a computer or gaming on one.

After wasting years of youth behind a keyboard in various MMOs, I've come to appreciate other aspects of technology beyond the gaming front and enjoy up-and-coming tech, especially if it's reveling in knowledge that's bound by NDA.

I'm very interested to see what form home computing will take in a few decades, and I imagine everything we know and love will be turned on its head every few years as advances bring greater entertainment to both business users and enthusiast builders, alike.

As I work toward my MBA, I dabble in the components world. I am my family's token computer guy, and I lend my knowledge and skill to family and friends who require a tech-savvy mind, and careful hands to handle assembly on their new PC builds, and upgrades.

More recently, I've started my own PC building and customization business Ascalon Creative Arts to address the needs of small business owners, students, and gamers in my local metro area of Tampa Bay.

We're always looking for new opportunities to demonstrate our knowledge in the newest components and budget-saving ideas for the next great office, home theater, gaming, or workstation!