Building, Upgrading and Rebuilding PC's since the Tandy 1000 (literally).

Custom PC Builds since the late 1980's as a child, our founder has always been in love with computers. The first systems he started building was after his father caught him completely disassembling and reassembling his brand new Tandy 1000. He started building systems on his own starting with the Intel 386 CPUs to Intel Pentium 100MHz CPUs, then on to the Intel Pentium MMX's then Pentium II's, Pentium III's, Pentium 4's and through the entire line of Intel Core CPU's all the way to Intel Core i7-8700K and Intel Core i9-7900x. His love for computers, workstations, gaming PCs has lasted through the years and lead him to careers with various industry leading companies.

We created to lean on the professional experience of our entire team and our affiliates worldwide.

Our founder and members of our team have had the privilege of working for multiple Fortune 500 companies in relation to the Tech Industry. Leading either Production, IT, or Marketing of some of the biggest websites on the planet. It is with this experience that we developed

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