18 Year old PC enthusiasts majoring in Meteorology and computer science at Florida Institute of Technology. Planning on pursuing a master's degree and building more pcs. I wish I had the funds to do a bunch of builds but sadly life doesn't work that way :(. My hobbies include Track and Field, Soccer, PC building, and Video games. I'm a huge fan of pokemon and destiny. I don't know what else to put here so this is pretty much the end. Track Personal Records 100m 11.1s 200m. 23.87s 300m 38.34s 400m 54.38s if you have any questions about custom water cooling or want suggestions on your build feel free to message me. PS. NEVER BUY A GIGABYTE MOTHERBOARD. Another side note.... Custom loop with pastel fluids is cool but also a b###h when you have to clean it.