I am a novice PC Builder learning as I go along. I am trying to learn as much as possible from the Forums here, as time allows.

My earliest memories of computers are:

  • Sinclair ZX80/ZX81
  • BBC Model A/B, Acorn Electron
  • Sinclair Spectrum 16K/48K
  • Commodore 64

I've owned numerous 'computers' and played numerous consoles, but have lost my appetite for consoles.

I got the PC building bug 2 years ago after years of buying pre-built Dell - shame on me :-(

I wanted to build my own rig to my specifications, so enlisted a teacher and just did it.

I also build a mATX rig for my Pa.

Sadly I had not discovered PCPartPicker at that time, so some of my selections were not the best.

I live in England.

I have recently completed a budget light-gaming build and a 'retro' build with mainly donated parts.