PC gamer since the 90's. I'm an amateur DIYer. I find joy in doing most of the design and fab work myself, actually putting some thought into a design.. not just "what color scheme should I buy?" then jam a bunch of matching parts into a case.

Building a typical PC is like building a Lego set with only 5-9 pieces. Way too easy, and pretty boring lets be honest. Okay, you bought PC parts designed and manufactured by someone else, put them in a case designed and manufactured by someone else, filled it up with fans, tubes, rads, plates and lights all designed and manufactured by someone else.. assembled it exactly how someone else designed it to be put together..

Then.. call it your own creation? That was fun back in grade school lol. I think most people take false pride in their "designs" and I see it as laughable. Custom work deserves respect, as it takes tons of effort, brainpower, and repeated failures to accomplish it.