Hi! So you managed to find my profile. Maybe you saw one of my amazing builds that haven't been built, or maybe a particularly helpful comment on the forums. Or maybe you didn't, and just found me by accident. Or maybe you didn't do that either, maybe you saw a comment on the forums, and decided to give me some private hate. Either way, welcome!

I live in Australia, which explains my lack of parts for the budget (although you Kiwis have a few interesting prices on your parts). The parts I choose are usually to go with a black/white/blue colour scheme, with black and white parts and blue LEDs.

I got into PC building one morning when coming into school. I asked my mate, "Which brand of gaming PC should I get?" and he said "Don't. Built it yourself." Ok, alright then - we walked into the classroom, he sat me down and pulled up this weird looking site called PCPartPicker (You may have heard of it, I'm not sure. Not many people have) and he started building me this parts list. It was full of complicated names that had a lot of 'U' s in them, and the only brand I recognised was Intel. After that, well, every spare second I got I was on my laptop, "researching" computer parts, making parts lists, reading reviews, checking forum discussions, and refining my parts list and knowledge with every passing day.

And, well, if I'm completely honest with myself, I might be kinda addicted.

If you've made it to here, then you're probably really bored. If you're bored, I've got a tip for you - Build a computer.

Cheers, Ballisticism