Having built my own systems in the first half of my life, 20yrs later I'm teaching my kids and stoking the flames of nostalgia. Much like my career having moved away from the fun stuff, at home I've been a sheep of convenience. My son is into console gaming and my daughter is into photo/video. They both enjoy building, be it legos, robotics, or upcycling pallets into furniture. I have some extra cash these days and decided to take them on this journey since my 5yo Yoga Pro 2 is barely worthy of being called a tablet. I want to retry the education thing, for my career, and this is good venn diagram of family interests. My son can game/stream. My daughter can edit photos/video. I can do all of those and have a decent system to push myself through some classes and get my hands dirty in IT again.

I've been passively observing and learning about this place for a couple months and may get more involved as I start knock the rust off and start making mistakes. Can't wait to learn.