My PC Building Experience

Long story short, I don't have any. When I was younger my parents (being Harvard educated and strict af) never let me play videogames and never bought me anything gaming-like. I started a typical "gaming channel" for a little bit of just playing mobile games. From mobile games to indie horror games and ROBLOX at 15 fps on an old Asus laptop. I stopped gaming entirely for about 4 years because my laptop broke. I got disconnected and found gaming stupid (I still kind of do). I recently got connected to the PC gaming community and surprisingly I learned a whole lot from binge watching Gamers Nexus, JayzTwoCents, Paul's Hardware, Tech YES City, PC Centric, Science Studio, and various other PC YouTubers over the past 4 or so months. Now my YouTube feed is completely filled with automotive content, Super GT type content, and PC build stuff; and I'm loving it. In a quick summary: my total PC experience is from binge watching every major PC YouTuber for 4 months and reading MANY tom's hardware forum entries on everything overclocking (from XMP and Max Memory Bandwidth, to how to achieve a stable BCLK settings).