Hmm. Pretty new to this website as my account creation date displays.

For a while now I have had a fervor for technology, through this website I have learned a great deal of information and am only learning more as the days pass.

When I first started I was asking questions like "What optical drive do I need?", but I am now able to assist people with their builds.

I find myself on this website in the morning, at work, during dinner, and as I go to sleep, but you know what? It sure as hell isn't a waste of time!

I am thankful for this site as it has been pivotal in my selecting of parts for my gaming build. What started as me asking a few questions grew into a hobby (addiction).

Well thanks for reading that I suppose, and if you want to ask me a question go ahead and send me a message, I am probably asking a question about motherboards or something anyway.