My name is Garrett (I know, cliched intro), I'm an IT Technician for a local company near my hometown in NJ. I'm new to this field for actual work, but I've been tinkering with computers and such since I was about 12 years old in 2004. I built my first computer in 2006 which was a Frankenstein's creation of an old Compaq CQ5000 and a Dell Inspiron series desktop. That lasted me about 2 years before I decided I wanted to build a serious machine. After building various gaming machines for some friends, I figured I was due for some upgrades.

At this point, in 2008, I purchased some parts and threw together a machine that was pretty kickass. At the time, I had an Intel i3 @ 1.8GHz (I believe....) and a GTX 560. I think all together I spent like $600 which was a ton of money for me at that point. Even after I got the machine up and running, I knew it wasn't finished.

Today, that machine STILL isn't finished but now I have a Z170 Motherboard with an Intel i7 overclocked at @ 4.4GHz, 2-way SLi GTX 980s, 32GB Corsair DDR4 RAM, two Samsung EVO 850 256GB SSDs in RAID, and a full custom loop watercooled system all housed inside of my Corsair 900D Super Tower. No, it still isn't done. lol

I look toward a future of fabricated custom cases and creating fully custom pieces for 'build-to-order' machines. I'm slowly but surely on my way!