Well, I am new here. So, here's my story in a nutshell:

I came across PCPP after doing a little research on how to build my own PC. I have been using this laptop now for about 5 years, but once Flash prompted me with 'hardware not compatible', I knew it was time to upgrade.

I have come to learn, running an AMD E-300 right now, that pretty much anything newer would be an improvement. However, I usually end up using the same PC/Laptop for several years, so I was looking for a future-proof PC. I almost went with one from CyberPowerPC via Best Buy, but decided against it after coming across several "received, parts didn't work, took weeks to straighten out."

Then, I started seeing people say 'just build your own', and here I am!

More About Me:

My name is Billy and like many, my PC is my lifeline. I operate a content creation company, and a web design company. I also miss being able to play some games in the little free time I have. My current laptop likes to freeze when saving a 500 word document, much less anything more than a Facebook game (even then, I use my phone).

I like to learn new things, so I am putting together my first build. I'll update on the progress, if I don't blow myself up or burn the house down.