Hajemimashite! Watashi wa Renan desu!

If the above sentence is complete gibberish to you, you're not alone.

Hey there. I'm Renan, self nicknamed gh0st, a mid-20's guy from Brazil. Unlike many people out there, my life is pretty ordinary and boring. I currently work as a System Administrator for a hosting company (which, unfortunately, its name I can't disclose due to a NDA agreement), which is a very nice and pompous way to say that I work as a tech support.

I currently own a mid-tier computer which is my baby - it has a 4th Gen Core i5, 12 gigs of DDR3 RAM, 1 SSD plus 1 HDD and a RX480 with 8 gigs of VRAM GPU. After many, many case changes (I was kinda addicted on trying new cases and I've pretty much burned a lot of money doing it) I've finally settled with my current Corsair 300R - it really has everything I want on a case: good looks, lots of fans (almost all of them are 140mm, which is a big plus!), very nice space for cable management... I really don't want to say too much about it here because this is not the correct place. I also own a very simple Lenovo notebook (or laptop, as it seems that it is a more common name outside here), which I use mainly for Linux-related stuff.

I'm also a not-so-hardcore gamer, if there is such a thing - I like to play games on my computer (which was the reason I built it in the very first place) but I'm not obsessed with it. Lets say that I can manage my gaming needs with controlled doses of it (I can't say the same about my monthly Monster Energy intake). I'm also a lazy programmer and a frustrated musician (not really, I've never really put much effort on it). I'm here more to learn as much as I can about hardware because knowledge is never enough.

Well, thats it. Cya!