I'm an IT/AV Support Manager for The University of Pennsylvania Law School. I have been with Penn Law for just about a year now and am looking forward to returning to school in the fall of 2017 to begin The Master of Computer and Information Technology (MCIT) program. My job is mostly video and media oriented with assisting Professors in class, to supporting the latest technology used in over 40 of our classrooms including multiple video conferencing rooms, clinic conferences and a state of the art auditorium. I have a background in video production. In 2014 I received my Bachelor's of Science in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. With no formal training in computer science and information technology (yet), I am entirely self-taught.

I've always loved technology and love being some of the first to adopt new products. I always wanted to build my own computer and finally did so in the beginning of 2015. I have learned a lot since then and am looking forward to all my future builds, as I already know I will be building many more PCs in the future. Being that I have no formal training in computer science, getting my PC up and running for the first time was a great feeling for me. Not only that, but I successfully built myself a true, dual-booted system running Windows 10 Pro and Mac OS X El Capitan on separate boot SSDs. Building my computer was a lot of fun, but getting OS X to boot and run was one of the most difficult challenges I've ever overcome. It was a very rewarding processes to say the least.

In my free time you can probably catch me playing the latest RPG or action/adventure game. Right now I have been taking my time working through The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, and Tomb Raider. On nice days you can find me outside flying my quadcopter or driving spiritedly around the greater Philadelphia area.