Computers have been my passion since for over 25 years. I have done a handful of custom builds and worked on more systems than most could even imagine.

I keep up with Computer Reviews as much as time permits, and don't mind doing the extra research to ensure the systems I build are comprised of High Quality components that will give the best over all experience in the long run....

Most Recent Projects Follows:

Deadpool X99 SABERTOOTH Build

Multi-Purpose HTPC that must be visually appealing, stable, durable, low maintenance and a real work horse !!

Building a Box soon. I want it to be future proof for 4 to 6 years with a $2200 USD budget (roughly).

System will be Running some Flavor of Linux for the OS (Likely Linux Mint .. No Operating System Flaming.. You can use whatever you want on your Box and I'll use what works best on mine Grin).

System Use is 24x7 Operation for: Showing Off (Seriously), HTPC Functions, Seedbox functions (uTorrent Linux Server, Deluge, Transmission and Vuze running), HD Video Playback, HD Video Encoding 4K/1080p, HD Video Editing, Photo Editing, Browsing (Chrome Tab Abuser (Talking 2 to 4 Chrome Sessions, each with 40 to 100 or Tabs each or more), Video Streaming, , File Sharing (NAS), Some Web/DNS Proxy/Cache functions, Virtual Machines (VirtualBox sessions of Solaris, Mac, Linux, and Windows), and Some Gaming from time to time...

The Look (Theme) of this is fairly important. This Box will likely be in our Living Room, and a Center Piece in its own way..

Storage is a Must. I tend to Store HUGE amounts of Video/Picture Content. ZFS is the File System of Choice due to many required features for 24x7 operation such as lightning fast snapshots, ability to expand volumes on the fly, and online scrubbing to check for inconsistencies and replace faulty drives.

Must be Reliable.. System I'm on right now I built in FEB 2009. And I have had a NIC onboard chip burn out, lost a GPU Fan, and oddly enough have a add-in NIC Card that is intermittent. So of course, I would like to avoid any issues when possible.

Maintenance.. All Filtered Air Intakes are a Must IMHO.. Also would rather still stick with Air cooling using a Fairly Massive Heat Sink for better dissipation and higher chances of survival if a CPU Fan does give way.

Budget Goal is to come in at $2,200 or Under. Budget is to take into consideration, but isn't nearly as important as a good over all look, lots of dependable storage, media playback and encoding.

Not going for Total Silence by any means. But having the sound of the System disrupt the experience of the Media being played would be terrible..

Not sure if you can see it, but if you can I have my "Favorites" parts list:

Would like to stick with a combination of these components. But an still open to other suggestions (I'll just add them into my Favorites if they look promising)

AND the Blue Green Ninja Build

Gaming PC Hackintosh Style !!

Budget: $1000 USD roughly

Location: Central United States in a Bedroom next to a Desk.

Uses: Steam Gaming, YouTube, and Movie Watching

Peripherals required: Monitor, Speakers, Keyboard, Mouse

Operating System required: Mac OS X

Ideas and Suggestions welcome.

Your input/feedback is much appreciated !! Thanks in Advance....

Notes, Tips, and Opinions Follow:

Ram Performance is Latency/frequency * 1000 = response time in ms

So DDR3 L:9 1600 vs L:10 1866 are practically the same.

DDR3 Example: L:9 1600 = 5.63 vs L:9 1866 = 4.82

1600mhz/cas9= 0.0056s



Power Supply Recommendations


If you REALLY want a Corsair PSU, look at the AX, AXi, HXi, and RMi series. They're good units, but they aren't all that cost effective (though if you find one on sale, go for it).

Other manufacturers you might look at are:

Cooler Master (V & VS series)

EVGA (G2, P2, GS, PS, B2)

Antec (EDGE, EarthWatts, High-Current Gamer)

SeaSonic (G Series, M12-II EVO, S12G, S12-II)

XFX (Pro Series Black Edition, XTR Series, TS)

Corsair AX/AXi, HX/HXi

Wattage Recommendations by Graphics Card Requirements

Paul's Hardware Best CPU for Gaming

IS X99 the right choice for you ??

With them making Larger DDR4 Sizes now of like 16G Sticks it isn't as much of an issue NOW. BUT, what drove me to X99 was having Twice the Available RAM Slots.

I LOVE Me some RAM !! So, my plan is to get either another matching 4 x 4G set further down the road or even go higher with a 4 x 8G or 4 x 16G if needed. Never know what the future of bloatware will require, figure the best I can do is strap in to X99 and Hold ON Grin.

Skylake 6700k is a GREAT Gaming Chip though. From what I've read it even has a way to work Hyper Threading in a reverse manor combining cores for better Single Threaded performance when needed.

BUT as you probably already know, the GPU is what Truly matters most for Gaming. Here is a CPU comparison though that reflects the fact that the CPU itself makes little Gaming Difference.

Skylake wasn't out yet when I built my Rig, so I hadn't seen the reviews. In a way I'm glad that it hadn't launched yet. Because if I had to decide again Now it would be an even harder decision.


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*Simba: Everything the light touches... But what about that shadowy place?

*Mufasa: That's the console kingdom. You must never go there, Simba.

New Favorite Build:

Hope this Helps !!